Abdulsalami finally speaks on Buhari’s leadership

Former head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar has called on Nigerians to support President Buhari’s anticorruption war.

According to Abdulsalami, “Nigerians should assist the current administration to fight corruption in the public service.

“They should not believe that the anti-graft crusade is political.

“The war against graft is not for government alone, but the responsibility of every citizen.

“Professionals are expected to be above board and bring solutions to the corruption in the country.

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“They should not to be part of it because corruption will kill everything.

“Whatever you are going to do, you have to look at the openness, accountability and transparency and sincerity of purpose.

“Any professional, who is going to do something in his area of calling, must show diligence, patriotism and efficiency.

“That would stand him out as a professional because if you are found wanting, you are no longer a professional.

“Definitely, all professional bodies should have means of sanctioning such people.”

Abdulsalami made the remark at a summit organized by the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria.

Also present at the event was the Senate Chairman on Media and public affairs Dr. Aliyu Abdullahi.

Lending his voice to General Abdulsalami’s stance on corruption, Abdullahi reacted to the current budget padding rocking the National Assembly.

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According to Aliyu, “I took an oath as a veterinary doctor and I never forget that oath.

“As a senator, I took an oath and I never forget that oath.

“What is budget padding?

“Simply, it is when you put something in the budget without clearly defining what it is meant for in terms of implementation.

“The executive was the one who padded the budget.

“When you look at the original document that came, they had something like, ‘new item requesting’.

“Is that a project head?

“We do not even understand it. And it is in health. That is padding and it was from the executive.”