Arrest Patience Jonathan and NNPC will be [neutralized]

A militant group in Niger Delta, Niger Delta Peoples Professional Volunteer Force (NDPPVF), has told the EFCC to dump the idea of arresting, interrogating or harassing Mrs. Patience Jonathan.

The group warned that such move will result in total onslaught on oil installations in the nation.

The group said its members are employees in most oil and gas firms, stressing that they will discharge an explosive device bomb at NNPC headquarters.

NDPPVF accused EFCC of witch-hunting the former first lady.

The group also warned EFCC to lift the No Debit Order imposed on her Skye Bank accounts.

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The accounts contain more than $15 million, but Jonathan’s wife has since explained that the money was meant for her medical bills.

Last week, the EFCC filed money laundering charges against Waripamowei Dudafa, Jonathan’s special adviser on domestic affairs, whom the former first lady directed to open the accounts Dudafa, Amajuoyi Briggs, a lawyer; and Damola Bolodeoku, a Skye Bank official.

NDPPVF’s Spokesman, Parkinson George-Amabo, warned that probing Patience will lead to “Bad blood and possible unrest in the Niger Delta.

“As a matter of fact, the EFCC has launched a criminal investigation of Mrs. Jonathan.

“They have in the process, frozen her bank accounts without affording her opportunity to state her own side of the matter.

“Nobody is above the law. The NDPPVF does not support or condone corruption.

“If Mrs. Jonathan was found to be corrupt, we shall not hesitate to call for her prosecution.

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“We have a grouse with the modus operandi of Mrs. Jonathan’s investigation, given her status as the wife of a former deputy governor, former governor, former vice-president, former acting president and finally, former president.

“She is perhaps, the only Nigerian woman – dead or alive – with such an impressive and fortuitous pedigree.

“The EFCC needs to thread with caution.

“The Attorney-General of the Federation and EFCC has called for her arrest and prosecution for alleged money laundering.

“We shall simultaneously bomb the 4 wings of the NNPC Towers the day it is announced that Mrs. Patience Goodluck Jonathan has been arrested,” the group said.