Avengers defies MEND; set to declare N’Delta Republic

A splinter but deadly group of militants will today declare an independent republic named “The Independent Republic of Niger Delta.”

To this effect, the Nigerian military has started moving in heavy weaponry into these regions.

The Nigerian military has warned that the declaration would be met with the strongest resistance.

The threat to declare a republic and the Nigerian Military’s stance to use kinetic means to quench the rebellion has prompted mass exodus from several Ijaw communities.

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Residents of Kaiama, the hometown of the late Major Jasper Adaka Boro in Kolokuma Opukuma LGA of Bayelsa State were first to flee.

The Nigerian army has described the group as “faceless”, asking “The good people of the Niger Delta that Operation Delta Safe is firmly on the ground to protect them.”

The Adaka Boro Avengers warlords gave the FG an ultimatum to withdraw its personnel and establishments from the region before today.

ABA also warned Northerners to vacate the Niger Delta or they “Will use so many as example in the Niger Delta region on the due date.”

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Chief Edwin Clark had on Saturday pleaded with Adaka boys to avoid the path of war and embrace true federalism as presently called for by imminent Nigerians.

Adaka boys wouldn’t listen!

Fearing a possible bloodbath between the Nigerian military and militants in the t region, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) issued a statement.

“We wish to warn groups and individuals not to further expose Ijaw and Niger Delta communities to unnecessary tension and danger.

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“The growth in modern means of information technology should not be abused to the detriment of our communities by issuing unnecessary threats and ultimatums.”

“The leadership of IYC has been inundated with calls in the last 24 hours.

“This is in relation to the threat by the group called the Adaka Boro Avengers to declare a republic from the 1st day of August, 2016 at Kolokuma Opukuma LGA.

“The IYC call on security agencies to stop forthwith unnecessary threats and attacks on Ijaw and other Niger Delta communities because of threats by faceless groups.

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“The Ijaw nation has a leadership and they should also check with the leadership on issues of security concern instead of threatening or attacking innocent communities and people,” it added.

Following threats of secession, a group of “Militants attacked the NPDC 24-inch Trans Ramos trunk line operated by NPDC in Odimodi at about 11 p.m. with dynamites.

A security source confirmed the latest attacks stating their men are battling with the fire that followed the bombing.

The Adaka Boro Avengers has already carved out its territories including all states in South-South and South-East.