Awujale of Ijebuland is a serial liar – Obasanjo

Former President Obasanjo has called the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, as a serial liar.

Obasanjo described the claims made about him by the Awujale in his autobiography as a tissue of lies and untruths.

In his autobiography, the Ijebu king had accused OBJ of having used the EFCC extort money from Nigerians.

“The EFCC in Lagos had come calling brusquely on Mike Adenuga (Jnr), Chairman Globacom on 9 July 2006.

“They broke his gate, swarmed into his house and kept him under ‘arrest’.

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“When I heard about the arrest, I called the legal firms, of Ayanlaja SAN & Adesanya, as well as Professor Biodun Adesanya SAN.

“They swung into action and gave the indication that they would take the matter to court.

“By evening, it was no longer necessary to go to court as Mike, following his statement to EFCC, had been released.

“While Mike was in Abuja, he was counseled to see Obasanjo to extricate himself.

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“For four days, he made attempts to see Obasanjo but was unsuccessful.

“After a few days in Abuja with no case pressed against him by EFCC, he returned to Lagos.

“Not long afterward, and in the heat of this mess, Obasanjo did two things that puzzled me.

“He called Mike to meet him at a social event in Lagos –Engr. Olapade’s birthday celebration.

“Mike and Obasanjo were both captured by press photographers in the newspapers at the event.

“Following the celebration, Obasanjo asked Mike to accompany him to Ota.

“It was in Ota that he solicited for the construction of the Administration Block of his university, Bells University in Ota.

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“Mike agreed and Carchez Turnkey Projects Ltd handled the project for him.

“It appeared the whole matter, the EFCC hunt, simmered and Mike continued about his business.

“On a trip to Ghana, he ran through his Nigerian daily newspapers and discovered that the situation was unfolding.

“The EFCC had arrested Mohammed Babangida.

“Mike read between the lines and proceeded to the UK on exile.

“When I visited the UK, Mike came to see me and wanted me to facilitate a meeting with Obasanjo.

“General Ibrahim Babangida and Atiku are major shareholders in Mike’s Globacom.

“It was not enough for Mike to merely present his case to EFCC, for it seemed the EFCC was under some remote control.

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“The Presidency was after Atiku,” the Ijebu Monarch wrote in his book.

Needless to say, OBJ has fired back. Hear him:

In the letter, OBJ said “My attention has been drawn to a book written by you.

“Your assertion in the publication was a tissue of lies and untruths.

“Olopade is one of my best friends and yes, I would be at his birthday celebration.

“I would not have invited Mike, your cousin, to meet me anywhere other than my office or official residence as President of Nigeria.

“Kabiyesi, do you think I would set the press up to capture me and Mike in a photograph for the newspapers?

“That would be puerile of me as President. Of course, I could not say that Mike could not do that.

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“That you think that I, as President of Nigeria, would descend to such depravity makes me think of you much less than I thought of you, until now.

“Under my watch, EFCC was free to do its job as it saw fit.

“Common sense would suggest that wild rumors should not be perpetrated by an Oba of your caliber.

“Kabiyesi, your cousin did not tell you that My Chief of Staff put his reputation on the line by assuring EFCC that Mike would go nowhere.

“I did not even know that Abdul had done that until Nuhu Ribadu reported the case of my Chief of Staff seemingly colluding with Mike to run out of the country.

“But I had implicit confidence in my Chief of Staff and I was to resolve the issue.

“Kabiyesi, I believe that I should set the record straight for posterity and to caution you from engaging in unedifying rumor.