Bad News: Nigerians must have a USA or UK valid visa to get into Dubai

There are emerging indications that immigration authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Dubai have stopped issuing visas to Nigerians.

The decision was reached following the [neutralization] of an Emirati police officer by a group of six boys.

Following the incident which happened in Deira, security forces swung into action arresting any black person they sight; irrespective of their nationality.

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The officer was said to have given up the ghost immediately, due to injuries sustained from the incident.

A source who in the region warned Nigerians to careful in order to avoid arrest. “Those of you have relatives in Dubai should be warned.

“The atmosphere is so hot especially for those without permit,” he said.

Another source confirmed the stoppage. He added that Ghanaians have also been banned from entering the gulf state.

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“It’s a pity. My friend got there last two weeks and out of four Nigerians, one was allowed entrance, the remaining three were deported on the spot.

Another source threw more light to the situation adding that, UAE authorities allow those who have stamped and valid visas from countries like USA, UK or Any Schengen Visa.

He said Turkey has started implementing the same measures across all their borders too.