BBOG responds to Buhari’s Sambisa forest visit invitation

President Muhammadu Buhari had extended an official invitation to the BBOG group into the Sambisa forest.

The group has just responded.

They have stated the conditions under which they would accept the President’s invitation for a trip into Sambisa forest.

The invitation letter outlined the steps the group and others will follow before the trip into Sambisa.

“They will first go to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Command Centre in Yola.

“They will witness firsthand the efforts being made to search for the girls by NAF.

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“Thereafter, they will then join the day and night sorties with the BAF to the Sambisa Forest,” the letter said.

In response, the BBOG group said its members unanimously agreed that they were open to exploring the opportunity.

“We had an emergency meeting of our Movement to discuss your invitation to embark on a ‘guided tour’.

“According to you, the tour will be at Nigerian Air Force Command, Yola, and Sambisa Forest.

“However, before proceeding with further discussion on the proposed visit, we propose a pre-tour meeting.

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“We would want to discuss pertinent issues that will help inform our decision to proceed.

“This prior meeting would provide answers to questions that our movement wishes to raise ahead of the guided visit.”

The group proposed that participants at the meeting include the National Security Adviser, the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Army Staff, and the Chief of Air Force.

“It is puzzling that the reported said visit happened less than 48 hours before our Movement received your letter.

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“We demand therefore that ahead of the pre-tour meeting we have proposed herein, that the Chief of apologizes to us.

“Such a step would communicate that it is with goodwill that the FG is asking us to entertain the visit proposed in your letter.”