Biafran cause suffers another set back

Security reports around Europe portrays South Eastern part of Nigeria as highly insecure, volatile and rife with crime. A high chief of Ndigbo in Europe, Chief Chris Ebede, faulted the report stating that Nigeria as a whole is insecure. According to the report, Igboland is insecure, filled with advanced fraudsters, ritual killings, armed banditry and kidnappings. Chief Chris reacted angrily stating the Buhari administration worsened the already marginalized South Eastern Nigeria.

“Fulani herdsman have been committing pogrom against the Nigerian State, yet no Western nation have deemed it fit to caution Buhari and his Fulani Marauders. They maim, kill and destroy properties of host communities of which Ndigbo have been in their crosshairs.”

“Last year, European nations alluded that Boko Haram crisis was due to poverty and lack of education. As at today, Federal presence in Igboland is virtually absent. Even in governance, Buhari have systematically removed Ndigbo from his government. If they say Igboland is fraught with crime, what will they say of Bornu State, Yobe Adamawa and Benue States? The last time we checked, Abia State, followed by Anambara State ranked highest in WAEC and other educational endeavors”

Chief Ebede explained that after the biennial conference of Ndigbo in Europe, the conference resolved to embark on a fact-finding mission, beginning with Anambara State. “The team is already on ground investigating the situation. Once they conclude with their preliminary findings, we will convene an emergency meeting where issues arising from the fact finding will be discussed and compared against the official report painting the South East in a bad light,” Chief Ebede said.