UN angry with Nigeria over BH attack on convoy?

The United Nations, UN, had sent a team to the trouble North East for humanitarian efforts.

The visit was supposed to be a top secret, but how Boko Haram caught wind of it remains a mystery.

The convoy was escorted by heavily armed soldiers when they suddenly came under attack.

The attack happened just 30 kilometers away from Maiduguri, the capital of Bornu State.

One security source reported that “The Boko Haram fighters numbered over 50.

“They were armed with anti-aircraft gun.

“We were around Kawuri village when they suddenly emerged and rained bullets on the UN motorcade.

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“One of the officials confided in me that the soldiers saved the day.

“They fought with everything they had until Boko Haram retreated into the bush.

“This would have been a great embarrassment to Nigeria.

“Four of the soldiers and driver of one of the UN vehicle was hit.

“The person beside the driver took control of the vehicle.

“If not, it would have been disastrous for the occupants.

“Some officials sustained minor injuries, no lives lost.

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“All survivors are presently at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital”, the source added.

Army spokesman, Col Sani Usman, corroborated the story.

According to him, “Troops returning from Bama on humanitarian escort duty, were ambushed enroute Maiduguri.

“Suspected remnants of Boko Haram terrorists hiding in Meleri village, are believed to be behind the attack.

“The gallant troops, however, successfully cleared the ambush and exploited up to Afunori.

“Unfortunately, 2 soldiers and 3 civilians were wounded in the ambush.

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“Among whom were staff of United Nations agencies and other international humanitarian organizations.

“The wounded have been evacuated to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital and they are in stable condition.

“The Nigerian Army wishes to sympathize with our wounded colleagues.

“We also sympathize with UN and other NGOs whose personnel were also injured in this sad incident.

“We wish to reiterate our determination and commitment to ensuring safety and security in the North East and safeguarding the lives of all persons.”