Boko Haram hits another market in Maiduguri

Boko Haram seem to be bouncing back as its operations are now ever more daring than it used to be.

Two days ago, the terror group had detonated an explosive device in a densely populated in Maiduguri.

The group just launched another attack on Maiduguri.

This time around, two girls approximately seven or eight years old were used to execute the operation.

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The girls detonated their devices in a market on Sunday.

The explosion [neutralized] the girls, passersby, and while injuring about 20 other persons in the immediate vicinity of the attack.

The girls were “seven or eight”, a civilian JTF member, Abdulkarim Jabo, told AFP.

Emergency services on-site in the town said about 20 people sustained injuries.

Maiduguri civilian JTF member described what happened prior to the attack.

According to Abdulkarim, he said he saw the girls immediately before the incident.

“They got out of a tricycle popularly called Keke NAPEP.

“They walked right in front of me without showing the slightest sign of emotion.

“I tried to speak with one of them, in Hausa and in English, but she didn’t answer.

“I thought they were looking for their mother.

“She headed toward the poultry sellers, and then detonated her explosives belt.”

The attack was not immediately claimed by Boko Haram but bore all the hallmarks of the jihadists.

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Boko Haram have regularly used women and young girls to carry out attacks.

Recall that a minimum of 45 persons was [neutralized] in a similar attack in a Bornu market.

That incident also recorded 33 injuries of which, many are still recuperating in hospitals around Maiduguri.

Although Boko Haram are yet to claim responsibility for the attack, the hit bears all the signature hallmark of the group.

The Nigerian Army are yet to release an official statement on the latest attacks.