Boko Haram hypnotizes a mother of three

A woman named Khadija Ibrahim aged 30,  is currently receiving post-traumatic treatment at a hospital in kano after fleeing from her abductors who drugged her and strapped her with a suicide vest.

Ms Ibrahim when recounting her statement to reporters said, she was waiting for a  bus  heading to the   hospital in the North eastern part of Maiduguri ,when she was  unassumingly apprehended by two young men who offer to  give her a ride to her destination.

This mother of three said she was stripped and strapped with a suicide vest after being partially unconscious due to some substance that was placed over her nose.

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In the state of partially unconsciousness, she heard them whispering that she was going to do God’s work.   In her own words she said the kidnappers said, ‘we are taking you to Kantin Kwari Textile Market to bomb it’.

However, Luck smiled on Ms Ibrahim as she was able to escape when the car overheated and both men hopped down to fix it thinking she was still unconscious. She ran and was rescued by a man in the neighborhood who took her to the police.

She was also brought before the Kano state governor, Umar Ganduje, who told the media: “If this woman had not regained consciousness the story would have been different by now”.

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Ms Ibrahim also told the police of another lady aged about 15 years in the vehicle allegedly drugged, and the police are doing all they can to track the vehicle down from her description of it.