Bombshell! Buhari is investigating me for corruption – GEJ

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, GEJ, delivered a speech today in London hosted at the Bloomberg Studio in London, United Kingdom.

The former president stated that since he left office about a year ago, he had the luxury of time to reflect on the future of Nigeria. Dr. Jonathan stated what he described as he key learning points and experiences as the leader of the most populous black nation on earth.

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According to GEJ, “When election results were still being collated by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), I called my opponent, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) to concede, in order to avoid any conflict and ensure a peaceful transition of power.

“This was without precedent in my country and I am proud that it achieved my goal of no conflict arising from the result of the election.

“Some may think it is ironic that perhaps my proudest achievement was not winning the 2015 Presidential Election.

“Being the first elected Nigerian leader to willingly hand over power via the ballot box, to the opposition party, without contesting the election outcome, I proved to the ordinary man or woman in the country that I was his or her equal.

Following an interview on “Bloomberg Surveillance,” former President Goodluck Jonathan admitted that the Buhari led administration is investigating him for corruption.

In the interview, GEJ stated that “Corruption has been routine since the collapse of the First Republic,” the former president said when asked about corruption in Nigeria.

“I did very well, also, to curtail corruption. My approach to corruption was don’t make money available for people to touch.”

At this point, the interviewer the interviewer interrupted GEJ asking whether he was concerned that he might be investigated for corruption during his tenure as president.

GEJ replied in the affirmative stating that “Of course, obviously, I will be investigated. Yes, investigations are going on,” he replied after pausing.

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“I wouldn’t want to make certain comments because when a government is working it is not proper for an immediate past president to make certain statements. I will allow the government to do the work they’re supposed to do.

I wouldn’t want to make serious comments on that. I’ve just left office. I should allow the president and his team to do what they believe is good for the country.”