BREAKING: Presidency warns Innocent Idibia aka 2face

The Presidency has reacted to a planned nationwide protest led by Innocent Idibia against the Buhari-led administration.

Innocent Idibia aka 2face has called on Nigerians to lead a nationwide peaceful protest against Buhari’s policies.

The Special Assistant to President Buhari on Electronic Media, Lauretta Onochie called 2face to express his “beef with President Buhari.”

“Nigerians would like 2Baba to explain the policies that he’s not happy with on National LIVE TV.

“He should also proffer alternative economic policies that would better serve all Nigerians.

“Not on newspapers that could have been written by anyone.” Lauretta take on 2face.

“That way, Nigerians will know it’s entirely his idea, that he understands what he’s doing, and acting in the interest of all Nigerians.

“Otherwise, we might assume that the protest is for those who miss the heist that happened under You know who.

“Nigerians are waiting. Thank you Sir”.

In response, 2Face said “The people have hoped for a better Nigeria since 1999.

“But things are not getting any better for the majority. We are still where we are – poor and desperate. I will no longer be quiet.

“It is not a platform for politicians of any party to manipulate. I know you will still spin it.

“But for one second, leave your battles aside and just listen to people without trying to score cheap political points.

“It is not a point scoring exercise. It is certainly not personal. It is not an organized labor platform.

“With all due respect to our comrades, this march is for the unrepresented.

“It is not a ‘my religion or tribe is better than yours’ matter. All our blood is red.

“I, Innocent Idibia, am a living example of a Nigerian who owes their success to Nigerians of every tribe and religion.

“None ask what religion or tribe I am before supporting me. I am grateful.”

2face then went on to state how the protest will run.

“On February 6th, meet me at the National Stadium at 8 AM and we’ll walk to the National Theatre.

“The two national icons epitomize our decline.

“We will state clearly and peacefully that #IStandWithNigeria and Nigeria must work for all of us.