Analysis: Buhari and APC backs corrupt Speaker Dogara

President Muhammadu Buhari’s posture on corruption is bare faced.

Curiously, the budget padding exposed by honorable Jibrin seem to have attracted knocks from APC leadership – Buhari inclusive.

Let’s dissect the unfolding budget padding brouhaha a little bit.

After Jibrin exposed Speaker Dogara’s massive corruption, he backed up his claims with documents.

He submitted documents as proof to both the police and DSS.

Nothing happened.

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Dogara visited the president and they had a closed door meeting.

He emerged from that meeting and said: “I don’t know what budget padding is.”

Recall that immediately after Dogara ‘Sacked’ Jibrin, he cited this as one of the reasons he was removed: “We removed Jubrin Abdulmumin because of budget padding.”

Two weeks later, Dogara said: “I will not resign. Budget padding is not an offense. I don’t even know what padding is.”

APC jumped into the fray.

Their peace moves failed.

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Nigerians were not aware of what the peace move hoped to achieve.

One fact emerged from APC’s truce meeting: The party sanctioned Jibrin ONLY.

Yesterday, (Monday), the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, Mr. Abdulrahman

Kawu-Sumaila, reportedly backed Dogara.

Former speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has reportedly mobilized members of the House from the North-West to back the budget padding Speaker, Dogara.

A member of the House said “It is an open secret that the Speaker is Tambuwal’s man.

“The Sokoto State governor was instrumental in the emergence of Dogara as the Speaker in 2015.

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“He has not abandoned the man. He is mobilizing members of the House for Dogara.”

It was gathered that South-West House members have declined to support the Speaker.

A chieftain of the ruling APC said, “You will recall that South-West members of the party were instrumental in the emergence of Tambuwal as the Speaker in 2011.

“In 2015, when it was the time to show gratitude (to Femi Gbajabiamila), he abandoned the zone.”

Meanwhile, Jibrin and Kawu-Sumaila’s relationship has also grown cold.

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Jibrin is not happy with Kawu-Sumaila because he thinks that the presidential aide is preventing him from meeting President Buhari.

A source said, “Jibrin feels that Kawu-Sumaila has been tactically supporting Dogara.”

The Presidency on Monday deplored what it said were attempts by Jibrin to drag the President into the budget padding allegations.

“The way he has been going about this issue is unfortunate. He is dragging the names of innocent people into it.

“He has not approached me that he wants to see the President.

“If he makes a request, I will facilitate it for him.

“He knows the protocol,” a senior special assistant to the president said.

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The SSA continued, “When the Speaker wanted to see Mr. President, he told me.

“I did my part to facilitate it. I was waiting at the office while they met.

“I was not at the meeting with them.

“It was after the meeting ended and the Speaker came out that I saw him off.

“The same thing would have happened if Jibrin requested to see the President.”

Now let us put the pieces together:
1. Buhari is fully aware of the budget padding.
2. APC is aware of the budget padding row.
3. Security operatives are aware of the budget padding.
4. Jibrin handed in documents as proof to back his claim.
5. The Presidency has neither come out to plainly condemn the act nor called for an open investigation into the matter.
6. The leadership in APC has openly chided Jibrin for being “Too personal” with the matter.
7: Our conclusion is this: The presidency, APC, and Dogara must have reached a political settlement. That settlement obviously favors Dogara.

We can therefore safely say that President Muhammadu Buhari is not very sincere in his fight against corruption.