Buhari: “BH got their weapons from Nigerian Army during GEJ’s tenure”

President Muhammadu Buhari dropped a bombshell during the just concluded regional security summit which in Abuja.

According to the president, the claims by international observers that Boko Haram gets its weapons from ISIS is unfounded. Although Boko Haram have pledged allegiance to ISIS, the President says there is no credible evidence linking part terror groups to arms deal.

According to President Buhari, “The type of weapons they (Boko Haram) are using, I believe were the ones taken from military bases they attacked at the peak of the insurgency especially in Nigeria. This was during the presidency of former president Goodluck Jonathan.

“If you recall they attacked military bases and carted away weapons, they attacked police stations and broke into their armories. I think that was how they got the kind of weapons they have been using to fight.

“Frankly, up till now we don’t have firm intelligence of what ISIS has been able to send to Boko Haram in terms of weapons or even money. But the fact that they said they are affiliated to IS has made many people to believe that they were getting weapons from ISIS.’’ The president said.

Buhari allayed fears that members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) helping in the counter-insurgency operation in the North East would constitute threat to security in their various communities. He said the Civilian JTF were carefully constituted by the various state government, stressing that there was a broad plan to rehabilitate them in government’s post insurgency program.

Just as the security summit was winding off, the Nigerian Army Headquarters reported that troops of 21 Brigade and rugged team of Armed Forces Special Forces (AFSF) on Operation CRACKDOWN inside Sambisa forest while on harbor for refitting, came under Boko Haram terrorists attack at about 1.45am yesterday morning.

According to Acting Director of Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, he stated that the “Gallant troops successfully repelled the attack. They further followed up with mopping up operations of the general area before advancing. They also recovered 2 corpses of the attackers and the following items; 2 AK-47 rifles, 2 Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) bombs, 5 rifle magazines, mortar bombs and a belts of Machine Gun rounds.

“Unfortunately 5 soldiers were wounded in action (WIA), as a result of mortar fired into the harbor area by the Boko Haram terrorists. The wounded soldiers have been evacuated to the rear for treatment. Despite this incident, the morale of the gallant troops remains very high as they are determined to successfully clear Boko Haram terrorists,’ Sani said.