Buhari cancels proposed N3 billion project in Kano

Former President Goodluck Jonathan approved the disbursement of N3 Billion naira to Nollywood before he left office.

That fund eluded members of Motion Picture Practitioner’s Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN).

The body doubles as the Northern Film Practitioners popularly known as Kannywood.

Kannywood practitioners criticized the former president in what it described as ‘’Lopsidedness and favoritism in the selection of beneficiaries of the N3bn Project Act Nollywood grant.’’

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In protest, Kannywood practitioners wrote the presidency demanding a fair share for their industry.

Excerpts of MOPPAN’s letter to President Buhari reads: ‘’Your Excellency can check the project act Nollywood website to verify these allegations.

“All the beneficiaries and the total amount disbursed to them were posted on the Project-Act Nollywood website for verification.

“It is clear that very few practitioners in the north benefited from the fund.

“While those in the south were favored, qualified applicants from the north were sidelined.

“For instance, the capacity building with the total beneficiaries of 204, only 59 was able to attend a training out of which 19 attended a four week course in an Indian Media Training Institute while forty attended a local training with a very minimal funding compared to our counterparts in the south’’.

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The Federal Government obliged and announced it had set aside N3 billion naira to build a film village in Kano for Kannywood.

Immediately the plan was announced, Muslim clerics took to social media condemning the plan to “Build a village that will promote immorality.”

The government argued the village would create thousands of job opportunities and promote cultural activities.

The Muslim clerics maintained their ground. The furor sparked a protest in social media.

The Nigerian government obliged and cancelled the plan to build the film village.

An aide to President Muhammadu Buhari told local media that the president has listened to the people’s concerns.

MOFFAN/Kannywood is yet to react to the new development.