Buhari is complicit in the budget padding row — Ghali Na’Abba

Honorable Ghali Na’Abba has called for proper investigation of the budget padding rocking the National Assembly.

Na’Abba made the call at a workshop organized by Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) in Kano.

He said it was impossible for the budget to be padded without the connivance of government officials.

“According to my understanding, padding comes into play where some members go behind and add items of expenditure to what has already been agreed upon.

“For either stealing the funds or doing whatever they feel like doing with it.

“So far, accusations are being traded among members of the house, but no investigation has been conducted.

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“On the call for the resignation of the Speaker, the question is, what has the Speaker done to warrant his resignation?

“He called for full investigation to ascertain the level of involvement of members of the House mentioned in the allegation before calling on anyone to resign.

“I expect that for 16 years of return to democracy, Nigerians would have understood the responsibilities of the National Assembly.

“For some weeks now, there has been controversy over what is called padding.

“As far as I am concerned, the National Assembly has the responsibility to pass the budget, approve it and allow the executive arm to execute it.

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“This stealing of funds cannot be possible without active connivance with some members of the executive arm.

“If padding is seen as an offence, then it is when some members of the national assembly decide to add items of expenditure through the back door after the bill has been passed by the two legislative arms.

“It therefore behooves on Nigerians to decide who represent them in the national assembly, “Na’Aba said.

Na’Abba was a onetime speaker of the Federal of Representatives.

During his leadership, the House or Representative had a protracted war with former President Olusegun Obasanjo.