Buhari is Genuine – Niger Delta Militants

A dreaded Niger Delta militant group, the Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM), has broken their silence on the ongoing peace moves by the FG.

The Greenlands were the same group that refused to dialogue with FG, even after Avengers pleaded with them.

The defiant group resisted all entreaties to sheath their swords and settle for peace.

The group seems to have a change of mind on the genuineness of FG’s move for dialogue.

A statement issued by the group’s spokesperson, Gen. Aldo Agbalaja, revealed their surprise of FG’s olive branch.

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“The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate will like to commend the boldness of FG to face reality and say the truth.

“Now this government is coming to terms with our warnings so far.

“We told them that the so-called PANDEF and its leaders are the same crop of people who have used our people.

“They used us as their exchange currency over the years.

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“They do not represent our people or our collective interest, but their personal greed.

“Like we said before, we have been on the task of identifying, studying and suggesting a new set of sincere, grassroots leaders.

“These leaders will be selfless in fighting the course of our people sincerely and diligently.

“We are almost done compiling this list”, the NDGJM statement disclosed.

“We have kept quiet because we know that the Forcados Terminal (FOT) has been brought down by our comrades, the Avengers.

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“We also know that the TFP has been repaired, but yet to come on stream.

“We also know of the divestment of operations by the federal government to a new investor in some of the assets.

“We know all these and this is one reason we have been calm.

“We also wish to mention that some respected leaders in our area have been mounting pressure on us to let down our sword.”