Buhari is a grossly incompetent leader — Sule Lamido

Former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, has lambasted President Buhari’s handling of critical national issues.

Sule Lamido described President Buhari as a grossly incompetent leader who was never ready for the job as President.

According to Lamido, “President Buhari is simply incompetent on the provision of the welfare of the citizens.

“This is because, he was never ready for the job.

“President Buhari lacks the capacity to source for the wherewithal to do it [governance] well to the satisfaction of Nigerians.

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“If Buhari cannot ensure the provision of basic needs of Nigerians, tell him to hand over to me and see how I will source for the wherewithal to do it.

“Imagine a husband who, before marrying his wife, promised her that he would provide all her legal and legitimate needs according to the obligations of matrimony.

“Then her confronts the wife after the wedding and tells her that he didn’t know that he would have to provide her ‘this’.

“Then the husbands goes on to tell the wife that he has now realized that he cannot.

“And that the wife should please bear with him.

“Then the wife, because of the love she has for him, overlooks that limitation.

“The following day, he confronts her again, explaining his inability to provide another basic need, pleading with her to overlook it, and she does so.

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“Again he comes to her another day to say he didn’t know that he also has to provide so and so to her, and now he has realized he cannot.

“It should dawn on the wife that he simply cannot discharge the obligations of matrimony to her.

“It is therefore legal and legitimate for her to seek divorce.

“Buhari is just like that husband and Nigerians the wife.

Sule Lamido is presently standing trial, alongside his two sons, for allegedly embezzling N1.3 billion public funds while serving as Governor of Jigawa State.