Buhari initiates probe of General Burutai’s Dubai homes

The current chief of Army Staff and confidant of President Buhari, General Tukur Burutai own properties in Dubai.

This is no news.

He has affirmed ownership of the said properties and that he paid for the properties with his savings. This is also not a news.

However, reports from Aso villa has that President Muhammadu Buhari is no longer comfortable with the building scandal that has trailed General Burutai.

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In a move which signals the beginning of his woes, President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the EFCC to seal off the offices of the company that transacted Burutai’s deal.

The real estate firm, The First Group Company, is located on the seventh-floor of the Bank of Industry building in the Central Business District, Abuja.

EFCC responded to complaints of very shoddy deals handled by the company; including that of Burutai.

The company is allegedly engages in sham real estate swindle in which innocent Nigerians were duped to the tune of $200 billion.

First Group Real Estate Limited, runs in Nigeria in the guise of being The First Group Company, a Dubai-based real estate firm, which is not registered in Nigeria.

EFFC’s raid fielded very incriminating documents linked to a list of high profile politicians and civil servants, the EFCC source said.

It has long been established that General Tukur Buratai is one those persons whom the company helped purchase properties in Dubai.

The army has said that these properties were purchased from Mr. Buratai’s personal savings despite receiving an army salary for his career.

General Buratai purchased the incriminating properties in one installment using his Skye bank account.

That he purchased both properties, days apart is another concluded fact.

Investigations have revealed that General Tukur Buratai bought the Dubai properties when he served as Director of Procurement at the Army HQ.

He apparently awarded bogus contracts for the supply of vehicles used by troops in the fight against insurgency.

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Allegations that Burutai may have engaged in official graft has sparked calls by Nigerians to the president to investigate Burutai.

It seems, however, that President Buhari has bowed to pressure and has commenced what seems like a first foot in Burutai’s trial.

Aside from “helping” civil servants in purchase of properties in Dubai, EFCC sources stated the company also lure innocent Nigerians interested in owning properties in Dubai, into parting with their hard-earned money.