Buhari is laughing over this dog-name issue — Garba Shehu

Our plan is to dress down Garba Shehu and his paymasters.

Garba is nothing but an abstract empty rhetoric devoid of real substance and we will say why in a moment.

The most annoying part is that Garba thinks Nigerians are fools. No! We can no longer be fooled all the time.

Who is Garba Shehu again? He is the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity. In other words, Garba speaks for the President.

His latest defense of his principal is that of the ongoing trial of one Joachim Iroko in Ogun State. Joachim is being prosecuted for naming his dog Buhari.

Listen to Garba Shehu “People should listen to the real story behind this dog incident.

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“They should not waste precious time seeking the hand of the President in a laughable incident!

“The President must be having a good laugh over this whole thing.

“He enjoys cartoons and likes sharing them. The ones he enjoys the most are those that caricature him.

“This whole dog issue is one of those caricatures,” Garba Shehu said.

Garba Shehu’s defense of President Buhari and the dog brouhaha is annoyingly provocative.

That Garba Shehu who wrote that dribble of a defense does not live in the same Nigeria as we do.

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A Nigerian is being prosecuted by the Police, and by extension, the Nigerian State and all the President could say is this?

Joachim’s life was threatened in the presence of the police. The police claimed he was taken into custody because of the death threat.

This is a Nigerian for heaven’s sake and all the President sees in this is a caricature and a cartoon?

This is the height of administrative anesthesia!

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Except for the seriousness of the subject (a man’s life), Garba Shehu’s statement sounds more like a primary two playground fight than a Presidential speech.

Who’s the MOST BIGOTED? You are. No, you are. Ridiculous!

Garba should stop this stupidity and attend to Joachim’s death threat with all seriousness.

He must stop this childish and immature way of handling serious issues and talk like a Presidential spokesman.

A cartoon? For heaven’s sake! This is madly pathetic.