Buhari moves against retired Army Generals

The third Defense Equipment Procurement audit report by the Presidential Committee set up by President Muhammadu Buhari has been submitted.

The report indicted the role played by 18 serving and retired military personnel, 12 serving and retired public officials.

24 chief executive officers of companies involved in the procurement are also being investigated.

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Those listed for further investigation are Lt.-Gen. O.A. Ihejirika (rtd); Lt.-Gen. K.T.J. Minimah (rtd); Dr Nurudeen Mohammed; Mr. Bukar Goni Aji, Mr. Haruna Sanusi and Mr. E.O. Oyemomi.

The CEOs to be investigated are Col. Olu Bamgbose (rtd) of Bamverde Ltd; Mr. Amity Sade of Doiyatec Comms Ltd and DYI Global Services; and Mr. Edward Churchill of Westgate Global Trust Ltd.

According to the committee, a total of ₦387 billion naira was spent in the intervening years (2007-2015).

According to the report, contracts awarded by the Nigerian Army “lacked of due process and was tainted by corrupt practices.

“Though the committee found no credible evidence of delivery of vehicles, some vendors were fully paid based on job completion certificate authenticated by the then Chief of Logistics.

“Also, analysis of the various bank accounts of the two companies showed transfers to individuals related to then Chief of Army Staff.

The report also stated that between 2005 and 2010, the defense ministry awarded two contracts to Progress Limited for the supply of 42 units of BTR-3U armored personnel carriers, APC.

However, neither the ministry nor the army could provide the contract agreements to ascertain the cost of the APCs.

“Although 26 of the APCs were delivered in 2007 and immediately deployed for Peace Keeping Operations in Sudan, the APCs scandalously broke down on induction,” it said.

“Furthermore, the post-delivery Technical Inspection Reports revealed that the APCs were unsuitable for the North-east operation.

“However, sequel to the deployment of the APCs in the North-east, one was destroyed by RPG fire, killing a colonel inside.

“As at 13 May 2016, only one of the 10 Igirigi APCs deployed to the North-east was serviceable,” the report of the committee revealed.

“In August 2013, ONSA requested and got approval for additional N2,000,000,000.

“However, DHQ and the services confirmed non-receipt of any additional funds for Operation BOYONA.

“In March 2014, the ONSA made a case for the release of N1,000,000,000 to sustain offensive operations against Boko Haram.

“Although the amount was approved and released, the committee could not establish the utilization of the funds.

“Between May 2014 and March 2015, the ONSA mandated CBN to release various sums totaling $386,954,000 to SEI.

“Both two associated companies for ‘procurement of technical equipment’, without tying the money to particular items of procurement.

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“The allotted funds was left at the discretion of the vendor without input from ONSA or the Nigerian Army.

“Analyses of the accounts of the Joint Task Force showed that transfers totaling N6,277,698,885.13 were made from the account.

The then JTF commander could not justify these transfers.

“He however confirmed that the sums were changed into dollars and handed over to a private citizen.