Buhari: We will no longer build the 1 million houses promised

The APC led government of President Muhamadu Buhari is gradually reneging on all of its promises of change. Mounting on the wings of change, Buhari won an election in a manner never witnessed in the annals of Nigerian history. However, barely 9 months into his presidency, the president again declared his government will not be able to able to fulfill one of its campaign promises of building 1 million houses for Nigerians.

President Buhari said in order to actualize the promise, the federal government must build 250 thousand housing units. He then passed the buck to states and the general public! Buhari made the shocking disclosure on Monday at the National Economic Council’s economic retreat in Aso Villa. According to him: “Some estimates put Nigeria’s housing deficit at about 16 million units. In our successful campaign to win the general elections last year, our party, the APC, promised to build a million housing units a year. This will turn out to be a very tall order unless: the Federal Government builds 250,000 units. The 22 APC states together manage another 250,000 units. We invite foreign investors together with local domiciled big construction companies to enter into commercial housing building to pick up the rest.”

President Buhari have almost ditched all of his campaign promises. In reaction to the president’s speech, one angry government official lamented the hard times the APC led administration have wrought on Nigerians. “We kept hearing change, change. If we had listened well, we would have deciphered what we really heard was chain, chain. Did he not make enough consultations prior to making these bogus promises? We are tired of their lies. We will wait for them in 2019.”

It will be recalled that Professor Soludo had warned both former president Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari that their campaign promises was bogus. Hear him: “The presidential election next month will be won by either Buhari or Jonathan. For either, it is likely to be a pyrrhic victory. None of them will be able to deliver on the fantastic promises being made on the economy, and if oil prices remain below $60, I see very difficult months ahead, with possible heady collisions with labor, civil society, and indeed the citizenry. To be sure, the presidential election will not be decided by the quality of ‘issues’ or promises canvassed by the candidates.

“Let me admit that the two main parties talk around the major development challenges—corruption, insecurity, economy (unemployment/poverty, power, infrastructure, etc) health, education, etc. However, it is my considered view that none of them has any credible agenda to deal with the issues, especially within the context of the evolving global economy and Nigeria’s broken public finance. To deliver an efficient national transport infrastructure alone will still cost tens of billions of dollars per annum even by corruption-free, cost-effective means.”
Yes, the president needs our support, but so far, he is failing Nigerians.