Unstoppable! Buhari wows Barack Obama in New York

President Buhari shun like a star when as he was treated with much honor and accolade from President Barack Obama.

PMB guaranteed the United States that Nigeria was making efforts to resolve the crisis in the Niger Delta region which has led to economic sabotage.

Both presidents spoke at a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 71st edition of the UNGA conference in New York.

According to President Buhari, “We are making definite progress on how many factions of the militant groups exist.

“We’re understudying their leadership and operational basis.

“We have equally sought the cooperation of the oil majors. In a short while, I believe the issues would be resolved.

“Nigeria is on the road to food self-sufficiency soon.

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“We shall be able to feed ourselves, and utilize the billions of dollars spent on importing food on other productive areas.

“We have confidence in your leadership.

“There are some difficulties you face, but this administration is willing to assist in the short time we have left.

“You have made real progress in defeating the brutal organization called Boko Haram, and that was achieved because of your leadership.

“We will help in resolving the humanitarian crisis in the North East, recovering stolen money, and revamping the economy.

“America will help in the final and comprehensive defeat of Boko Haram.

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“We will also help in the resolution of the Niger Delta crisis. This would help ramp up oil production and increase revenue.

President Buhari thanked the Americans for their support in the area of security through provision of armaments, training and intelligence sharing.

He said the gesture helped in the degradation of Boko Haram insurgents in the North East.

The President further reiterated his resolve for resolving the humanitarian crisis currently ravaging the region.

The President said the farming season was good this year, with the prospect of good harvest.