Buhari’s brother, Mr. Daura, wrote that plagiarized speech

Unlike former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’Adua, and Goodluck Jonathan, President Buhari does not have a speechwriter.

After news of the plagiarism broke, the president vowed to deal decisively with whoever was the source of the intellectual theft.

Well, it has finally emerged that Mamman Daura, a nephew of President Buhari and one of the most influential figures in Aso Villa, was the source of the plagiarized content.

Two sources from the presidency said Mamman Daura had seized the task of providing speeches for the Nigerian president.

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According to the source, “I can tell you that nobody writes speeches anymore for President Buhari but Mamman Daura.”

“Under President Buhari, all types of speeches, whether on the economy, education or terrorism, are organized solely by Mamman Daura.

“Mamma thinks he knows everything. Buhari’s Personal Assistant, Sabiu Yusuf (popularly known as Tunde Idiagbon) types the speeches.

“He is known not to use drafts submitted by MDAs, even on technical issues such as budget, climate change and maternal health.

“That’s why Nigerians no longer get an advance synopsis of presidential speeches online as happened during Jonathan’s era.

“Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu only get to see President Buhari’s speeches when such speeches are distributed at official functions.

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“Mamman has hijacked everything,” the source said.

Mamman Daura is the major power broker in Aso villa. Everything must go through him. He does not have any portfolio or appointment from the Presidency.

Daura’s only qualification for the power and influence he wields in the government is that he is the President’s nephew.

It is an open secret that Mamman Daura influenced most of the appointments made so far by the President.

The President’s nephew moved his abstract office to one of the guest houses in the Villa, popularly referred to as the Glass House.

He parades a large retinue of staff on the pay­roll of the Presidency.

He commandeered a fleet of official vehicles from Aso Rock for his personal use.

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He it was that ordered that breakfast and lunch be provided daily for him and his clan from the Aso Villa kitchen.

The Presidency had moved to whittle down his influence by withdrawing both official vehicles and supply of refreshments to his supposed office.

During Jonathan’s Presidency, draft speeches from MDAs were submitted to late Oronto Douglas who then does the vetting.

Recall that Garba Shehu had said a deputy director had written the plagiarized speech and that he will be punished.

The last time we checked, Mr. Attah Esa is the only deputy director attached to the State House media office.

His duties are concerned only with newspaper reviews.

Will President Buhari punish is all powerful Nephew as he has promised?