We challenge APC to prove that Aisha Buhari is traveling to USA

Politics involves a little bit of propaganda. That’s how best to describe a lie so it sounds big.

An article published by APC stated that Aisha Buhari will be visiting Colorado for World First Ladies Summit or First World Ladies Summit in Colorado, USA, on June 30, 2016.

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That gist is a big FAT lie!

We will go straight to the point.

First off, NTA Nigeria published a news of Aisha Buhari visiting leaving for Saudi Arabia on Thursday last week, where she’d be performing Umrah.

She will be back before the end of Ramadan. Ramadan ends on or before July 7th, 2016. So if she is performing Hajj, how will she visit USA?

This nails the first lie.

Secondly, we ran a check on Colorado’s event calendar for 2016. There is no such summit of women or first ladies happening in the United States on June 30 or anytime in July except Christian Women Conferences in Atlanta and a few other cities.

On the said day of the purported Colorado conference, Mrs. Michelle Obama will be in Liberia, according to The White House website. How will the chief host, Michelle Obama, be in another country when she’s supposed to be hosting a conference of first ladies?

The logic is simple!

There is not such conference and Aisha Buhari is not traveling to any Colorado.

The state of Colorado does not have this special international event listed on its events calendar.

The United Nations Women Summit and the Women in the World 7th Annual Summit in New York, 2016, graced by several first ladies has come and gone.

The ONLY event where Aisha Buhari may be in United States is scheduled for 4th – 7th of August 2016. The event is organized by one Zumunta Association USA.

According to their website, association represents the 19 northern states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria plus the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the United States of America.

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This unknown group are the ones who has invited Aisha Buhari.

We therefore conclude that Aisha Buhari is in Saudi Arabia. She is not visiting any county, talk less of country in the Western Hemisphere any time soon.

That Colorado gist is s a big FAT lie.