Why Chris Brown was arrested after 14 hours standoff with police

Chris Brown is regular with law enforcement agencies. His latest stint with police officers was yesterday (Tuesday).

Tuesday’s run-in was not Chris’ first brush with police officers.

Chris Brown have been severally accused of violence or threatening violence against lots of women.

After a 14 hour standstill around his Los Angeles home, the singer on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Chris Brown was arrested following a complaint lodged by a yet to be identified woman.

The woman claimed Chris Brown had pointed a gun at her face and threatened to shoot her.

Chris Brown have somehow escaped full blown prosecution. Recall that in 2009, he pleaded guilty for assaulting Rihanna.

In 2011, Brown stormed off the set when he was asked about his domestic abuse incident with Rihanna. He made for his dressing room, smashed glass windows and make out half naked.

In 2013, Chris Brown was again charged for assaulting another man outside a hotel in Washington DC.

A judge remanded Chris Brown in a rehab facility. He was kicked out of the institution for violating its rules.

Chris Brown spent over 60 days in custody following that incident.

In January of this year, Brown was investigated for battery incident at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas involving a Brazilian model.

He was absolved of the case due to “Insufficient evidence to support the woman’s claims that she was punched by Brown.”

Brown seems to be destined for a lifetime of poor behavior, questionable business choices and a lack of stable social skills.

We just hope his oft emotional and aggressive outbursts will not end the promise of a successful singing/writing career.

Truth is: Chris Brown is gradually escalating. Trends like these usually end in being killed or the perpetrator of such outburst killing someone.

We hope neither happens and he gets help.