Confusion: Fulani clash with Hausas

Fulani herdsmen and native Hausas clashed in Adamawa State yesterday.

The origin of the crisis dates back to January this year.

The clash began when herdsmen and Koh farmers clashed due to grazing areas.

A Divisional Police Officer(DPO) of Vonokilang Division under Girei Local Government Area in the state was also killed.

Yesterday’s crisis involved farmers at Kodomun village in Demsa LGA and Fulani herdsmen.

15 persons died in the clash while everal others were either injure or missing.

Brigadier General Benson Akiroluyo, Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Ghazzali, and deputy Governor, Mr. Martins Babable, visited the area.

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A member representing Demsa Constituency in the state House of Assembly, Mr. Lumsan Dilli, disclosed that causality figures given by the villagers was higher.

According to him, some people are still missing and most of them are presumed dead.

The state police commissioner, Mohamed Ghazzali and Brigadier General Akiroluyo called for serious caution in handling civil unrest.

The two security chiefs stated that they are watching the situation for possible next line of action.

Another eye witness to the incident stated that “People fled in different directions.

“However, the police were quick to arrive and the invaders fled into the bushes.

“Four people were killed that day. Today (Tuesday) after combing the bushes five more corpses were found.

“When the killers escaped from Gida Biyu, they resurfaced at Akua’a this morning and killed two people.

“But they did not burn any house there.

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“The Police arrived on time again, and they ran away again.

“But this afternoon they appeared at Agwan Anjo and started shooting.

“But by this time people have fled the village, and the police also arrived promptly.

“However, about an hour after the police went to get some food in the town, the gun men launched another attack again.

“We believe that the motive of the attack is to displace us and take over our lands.

“We are hoping that the military will join the police because we are sure that they will return.

“They may even attack Godogodo town where our women and children are taking refuge.

“We need urgent help,” the source said.