I created 25 Nigerian billionaires, how many has PMB created? – Obasanjo

Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo has launched a serious jab on the President Buhari’s led administration.

The former president was at the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship Forum in Lagos when he said he created 25 Nigerian billionaires.

OBJ urged president Buhari to encourage wealth creation and entrepreneurial initiatives.

“My delight is to be able to create Nigerian billionaires.

“I always say it proudly that my aim when I was in government was to create 50 billionaires from Nigeria.

“Unfortunately I failed, because I created only 25.

“A situation where somebody wants to come to Nigeria to invest and it takes almost six days to get visa is not proper.

“In other countries, they would get visa at the airport. We need to be able to register a company at just one point.

“We have not taken advantage of all the opportunities we have to support our SMEs to be able to produce and sell outside our shores.

“And if we don’t do a lot of that, those of you (the TEF Entrepreneurs) may be frustrated.

“Let me tell you what I know. Agro and agro-processed products from Nigeria cannot enter into the United States.

“Even yam from Nigeria have to go through Ghana before going to America.

“You know why? There is a certification that is required for our agro-produce to enter, which we don’t have.

“Simple thing, we don’t have, but Ghana has it. And it doesn’t take much to put that in place. Unless we have it, we can’t export these items to America,” Obasanjo said.

Reacting to the ex-president’s statement, Lai Mohammed defended the Buhari administration, claiming the FG was doing all in its power to right the wrongs.

“We are left with no choice but to explore other areas because of the slump in crude oil price.

“The areas we are targeting include agriculture, solid minerals and the creative industries.

“As part of the government’s efforts at diversifying the economy, the federal ministry of agriculture is encouraging the local production of rice, maize sorghum, millet and soya beans.

“Today farmers in 11 of the country’s 36 states are receiving credit support through the Central Bank of Nigeria,” Lai said.