“Daddy” Enoch Adeboye in multi million scandal

Pastor Bayo Akinjiyan is 55 years old. He served Pastor Adeboye for more than 20 years.

Pastor Bayo retired on his volition in 2013.

Until his retirement, Pastor Bayo served a provincial pastor of Province 25, Lagos state.

The pastor said he was forced to leave a residence he built in Adeboye’s Redemption camp.

He said the building cost him N15 million naira.

Pastor Bayo said he had written the GO of RCCG, pastor Enoch Adeboye and had waited for two years and counting without reprive.

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Hence, he took to the media to seek relief.

In Pastor Bayo’s words, “I know the implications of my actions (writing this open letter).

“I have fully weighed my options and I accept full responsibilities for my actions.

“I pray the church authority will act fast on this, but if they think otherwise, I am fully prepared for the days ahead.

“I also know that this journey may be long, lonely and dreary.

“To the Christian community and friends, I demand your prayers at this time.

“I know some ‘brethren’ will vilify, abuse and harass me.

“I have explored all scriptural avenues to resolve this.

“Some might ask: You want to destroy a house you helped in building or once lived in?

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“My answer is ‘no’. It is to prevent the house from collapsing on its present occupants that is my concern.

“My decision to inform the Christian community is not aimed at tarnishing anybody’s image.

“I have prayed over this matter and consulted those that I needed to.

“I built a five-bedroom house (all en-suite) at the RCCG Camp.

“The house was valued by a firm of chartered estate surveyors in 2011 at N15.5m.

“I submitted same to the church through my letter to the General Overseer, dated March 4, 2014 upon my voluntary exit.

“Almost a year down the line, I am still waiting.

“My request was that the church should at least officially acknowledge the receipt of the house, even if there is no form of compensation.

“The need to acknowledge the takeover of the house becomes necessary for at one reason.

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“Properties said to belong to the RCCG Mission sometimes allegedly fall into wrong hands.

“In view of this development, the question is: Is Pastor Adeboye even aware of this house in question of having been handed over to RCCG?

“If yes, has he given an instruction for my request to be granted?

“If yes, what is delaying his instruction from being carried out almost a year after?

“If no action has been taken with all these efforts of mine, what is the reason for this?

“When I wrote to the college for payment thereafter, no response was given.

“I wrote a reminder after two years.

“The college refused to collect the letter for reasons best known to the official at their reception desk.

“I thereafter sent it to the General Overseer on March 10, 2016.

“A reminder was sent in June 2016.

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“A personal copy to Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, the wife of the G.O., who is a major stakeholder of the college.

“It took the church over two years to pay royalty on over 30 of my published books in the church bookshops.

“This also happened after I wrote to the G.O. about it.

“One thing is for sure: I know so much more than anyone could think of.

“I counsel that they should just let sleeping dogs lie.

“If this situation persists in the next couple of days, one may be compelled to press for full redress on these issues.

“I am using this opportunity to call on all those who believe in justice to please assist me in this cause.

“I’m calling on human rights groups to please strengthen my arm through the law if need be.

“I also call on the irrepressible media, both print and electronic in Nigeria and in the international community, to conduct investigative journalism and prove me wrong in any of my assertions.

“A young lawyer friend has provided me legal services so far and has written the appropriate bodies on these issues.

“Some might ask why fight over mundane issues such as house or money and just N2.1m?

“Unconfirmed reports indicate how people who left the Redemption Camp sold their houses through illegal transfers.

“The mission did not bat an eyelid.

“I decided to do the right thing and must I suffer for it?