Dasuki shared money from his ATM without inviting us — Buhari’s aide

The current APC chairman and a top confidant of President Buhari, John Odigie-Oyegun, has stated that Dasuki Sambo and other PDP chieftains are being investigated because they alone partook in Dasuki’s largess.

In an interview granted to Punch, Oyegun stated that when Dasuki was doling out cash “from his ATM machine”, he didn’t invite any member of APC.

According to Oyegun, “Prosecution depends on evidence. Once there is evidence, if anyone has evidence, let him provide it.

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“This generalized rumor is not basis for serious action of that type.

“And in any case, there are a few APC leaders who are being called to question.

“It is not as one sided as it seems and it is not something to be apologetic for.

“When the then National Security Adviser was disbursing funds from his Automated Teller Machine, he did not call an opposition person to say take money.

“So, it’s a natural course of events.

“The President will not mind whose ox is gored so long as justice is done.

“It just happens that as at now, those whose hands are found in the till happen to be preponderantly in the PDP.

“But you can see that a lot of other investigations are ongoing and quite a few involve some APC leaders.

Oyegun further reacted on sources of campaign funds for PDP. He said, President Buhari is not investigating that.

“We are not investigating PDP campaign funds.

“We are investigating records as to how public funds were hijacked for illegal purposes which were not budgeted for by the National Assembly.

“Nobody in business who contributed a lot of money has been dragged to any tribunal because he gave PDP funds.

“Public funds, public resources, money that belongs to you, me and the people of this country were stolen and diverted.

“Crude oil was illegally sold to fund campaigns and other political activities.

“Not just the campaigns, people just shared money and pocketed,” Oyegun said.

“Anybody who steals from the treasury either to fund campaign, or to put in his pocket or to buy an estate in every part of the world would be asked questions.

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“It must not be allowed.

“Nobody must be allowed to get away with that.

“It is not the same with campaign funding. We are not investigating PDP campaign funds.”