Do you know how much pastors charge before they preach in churches?

The way some supposed servants of God are “honored” today, you’d think they are the ones that went to the cross for the sin of the world themselves.

Some pastors charge up to$100,000!

It’s become so unbelievable it is bordering on appalling right now. There is no longer such a thing in their bibles as “he that must be chiefest must be servant of all”. As far as they are concerned, the headquarters of heaven has shifted to their domain and they are now the ‘happening’ lords of all the earth and everyone must bow and yield to their authority and at their behest.

And so they gather to themselves sycophants and flatterers heaping undeserving praises to themselves and thus sharing in the glory that is due the Head of all principalities and powers alone.

God forbid!

When we look at the example the Master (Jesus Christ), the Chief Shepherd set for us, we see that of self-denial and self-rejection, of humility and utter simplicity. I don’t even read of the many titles by which our Lord was addressed, if any. Even though He was Lord, the Son of God Himself in the flesh, He did not think it a matter for which to rub shoulders with His Father.

He voluntarily laid aside His Lordship as it were, His heavenly beauties and glory, and took upon Himself a lowly estate, making Himself of no repute at all, completely stripping Himself of whatever rights He (quite rightly) had to pomp and pageantry and all honor. This was God Himself! How can we even begin to conceive this manner of pure humility and self-abasement?

But very painfully today, some of His “servants” take offense if their “due” recognition is not accorded them. Today, many of such servants will not attend an event except the right publicity that meets their own carnal specifications have been met.

They dictate the level of hospitality and amount of honorarium that they must receive and ensure contracts have been signed to the latter before they say yes or no to an invitation, which in many cases must be all-expenses-paid. The decision on whether to go or not to go is no longer based on where the Master will have them go, it has now become a function of the highest bidder!

What a tragedy!

Is it not obvious that these are strange men are engaged in their own businesses and not the business of the Father alone? Should it then surprise anyone that they heap unto their hearers, the same things their itchy ears desire to hear alone to maintain the carnally-driven allegiance and loyalty?

Even though they have hands and are very able-bodied, many of them can no longer hold their own pen and handkerchiefs, not to mention their bibles, except a throng of errand men surround them, running up and down to meet their every high-handed command and demand in the name of the “anointed” one.

It is truly a matter to weep over when the servant begins to seek and receive more honor than the Master Himself. Quite rightly, many of these deliverers today need the same deliverance in themselves. But alas, they are unaware.

For those of us the Lord of the harvest may still decide out of His great grace to send into His own vineyard, we earnestly pray to the Husbandman that He will do whatever it will take to permanently damage and put to death any part of us that still needs to experience death at His cross, so that whenever He chooses to send us on any errand at all, “petty” or “considerable”, we will always remember that we are unprofitable servants and mere channels only.

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May the delusion of according unto ourselves any rights that have not been allowed us by the Chief Shepherd elude us forever. It is our prayer that the gospel of our Christ will not be made of non-effect by our many useless and worthless traditions and selfish ambitions.

“If any man comes to me, and does not deny himself… he cannot be my disciple.”

Watch this space for breakdown of their charges in our next issue.

BY Amy Grateful