Drugs and injection shortage hits Aso Rock Hospital

President Muhammadu Buhari had budgeted N3.87bn as captured in the 2016 budget to Aso Rock Hospital, popularly known as State House Medical Center.

State House Medical Center is the premier health facility for the president, the vice president, their families and Aso Villa staff.

The center is also tertiary training center for medical doctors and other health personnel.

The usually bubbly State house medical center is almost deserted.

It is also a training facility for house officers and other medical personnel.

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One reason for this decline is attributed to the fact that the center can no longer dispense drugs to patients.

Patients are actually asked to go and buy drugs and other medical supplies elsewhere.

Most hit, it was further learnt, are patients with kidney problems who are currently undergoing dialysis in the facility.

Outpatients are asked to come with bandages, needles and syringes, should their health problem require the need of such.

The center also send text messages to their patients reminding them of what supplies to come along with fro their treatment.

Here is one of such text messages: “Mr. XXX (names withheld), when u (sic) are coming for dialysis on Monday, buy IVF Normal Saline to be used for ur (sic) dialysis. The office doesn’t have it. Buy like four pieces.”

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One angry patient said, “The clinic does not even have ordinary paracetamol.

“Paracetamol was included in the list of drugs they asked me to go and buy recently.

“Before now, they were giving us drugs.”

Recall that the Permanent Secretary, State House, Alhaji Jalal Arabi, had defended State House Medical budget in Senate, saying that “The budget for the State House Medical Centre included N3.219bn.

“It will be used for the completion of ongoing work as well as procurement of drugs and other medical equipment.”