DSS operatives flouts court order

The Department of State Services (DSS) has flouted a court order directing the government agency to effect the immediate release of a member of Ekiti State House of Assembly. Addressing a press conference today, the lawmakers said operatives of DSS is bent on intimidating them into initiating impeachment proceedings on Governor Ayodele Fayose. A move they have resisted.

Honorable Afolabi Akanni who was presented to members of the press to discredit rumors of his death. Following an invasion of the State house of Assembly complex earlier this month, Honorable Akanni was ferried to Abuja where he is being interrogated by officials of the secret service. He has been denied access to his doctors, lawyers and family members.

A Federal High Court in Ekiti capital had issued an order of mandamus requesting the immediate release of Honorable Akanni. Our sources gathered that operatives of DSS refused service of the court order when the Court Bailiff, Araromi Ademola, served them the notice. In reaction, the order was served on national dailies. Following refusal to obey the court order, Honorable Segun Adewumi, Gboyega Aribisogan and Samuel Omotoso proceeded to NBA national headquarters and the Amnesty International office in Abuja to submit petitions. They also tended copies of the court order and newspaper advertorial containing the court order.

The honrables thereafter addressed a press briefing saying: “Hon. Akanni said on Thursday, when he was paraded before the press that he slumped twice and no medication was given to him even when he asked for drugs. Since it is now obvious that they cannot coerce us into impeaching our governor and leader, Ayodele Fayose, it appears that these people are now working on a sinister theory of snuffing life out of Hon Akanni and some of us so as to pave way for the conduct of bye-election through which they hope to rig APC members into the House of Assembly.

“We have therefore come here to alert the NBA and the Amnesty International of this blatant disregard for orders of our courts by the DSS and infringement on the fundamental rights of our members, especially Hon Akanni, who is dying in detention. We are putting the entire world on alert that should anything untoward happen to Hon Akanni, who is being detained without access to his doctors despite being terribly sick and any of us, the DSS and by extension, the federal government should be held responsible,” they said.