Edo Governorship election: INEC’s card reader disappears

If the Independent National Electoral Commission wants to complain about anything, then they need to start acting with a bit of ethics and basic morals.

The only thing they have successfully done in the past elections is to conduct inclusive elections.

Edo State’s gubernatorial elections is already ridden with fault lines and all INEC does is give phony excuses.

The problem with the phony outrage of INEC’s statements is being politically correct is more important than honesty.

According to these INEC, their version of decency cannot be truthful because it may hurt someone deserving to be hurt.

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Why not come clean to Nigerians and actually say why security agencies advised that the elections be cancelled?

Both APC and PDP kicked against the cancellation before INEC unilaterally did it without prior consultation to political parties in the State.

Edo State INEC commissioner disclosed that its smart card reader in Akoko- Edo local government area has disappeared!

According to the Resident Electoral Commissioner, Sam Olumekun, “The Independent National Electoral Commission, has observed the ploy to tarnish the good image of the good people of Akoko-Edo local government area especially the inhabitants of Igarra.

“It is a challenge for the people of Akoko-Edo to fish out the Impostor who, during the training of presiding Officers and Assistant presiding Officers, made away with the training smart card reader, which has not been configured for election.

“However, the Security Operatives are on the trail of the Impostor and his co-horts.

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“INEC is using this medium to send a warning signal to all those who may be planning to disrupt the commission’s processes on Election Day.

“They should have a re- think, because the law enforcement agents will descend on them,” Olumekun said.

The million dollar question are these: If elections had held as scheduled (on Saturday), how did INEC intend to use a yet to be configured card reader?

How many card readers have since disappeared without trace?

If INEC, as presently constituted, cannot guarantee proper elections, the government should as a matter of urgency overhaul the entire commission.

These and more lapses on INEC’s part are annoyingly embarrassing.