EFCC Chairman embroiled in massive corruption allegation

Ibrahim Magu and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, which he chairs, seem to be pulling out all the stops that once shielded corrupt government officials.

Just yesterday, EFCC won a major victor against the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Following this, the anti-crime agency swooped on one of PDP’s major financiers — former Governor Godswill Akpabio.

For all we care, whoever participated in the theft of our common patrimony should produce it by whatever means legal.

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EFCC’s style, as usual, is to go after close family relatives and then circle over the bigger thief.

The target from Apkabio’s family is Ibanga Akpabio – a first cousin of Godswill Apkapio.

Akpabio’s arrest was said to be in connection with an allegation that he collected N10m from a potential investor in petroleum products.

“Akpabio reportedly approached an investor to purchase petroleum products directly from a floating station belonging to NNPC.

“He allegedly assured the inveestor that he had secured all the necessary approvals for the running of the business.

“Akpabio allegedly collected the money through a Diamond Bank account being operated by Fastej Enterprises.

“He neither kept faith with the business arrangements with the investor nor returned his money to him.”

A rather curious twist to Apkabio’s arrest is an alleged relationship between Apkabio and EFCC’s chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu.

The allegation was captured in an audio voice recording where the suspect bragged about his relationship with Magu.

Ibrahim Magu swiftly denied any links with the arrested man.

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“EFCC wishes to state that the claims in this tape especially as it affects Mr. Magu are patently false.

“The EFCC boss has never met Ibanga Akpabio all his life and could not have been party to any violent scheme to settle unknown political scores in Akwa Ibom State.

“If Magu were Akpabio’s friend, he would not today be a suspect answering to charges of fraud before the commission.

By extrapolation, EFCC has inadvertently shot itself on the foot by implying that the commission will neither arrest nor try Magu’s friend.