EFCC questions CBN Governor

The acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has vowed to go after anybody that is remotely connected with any iota of fraud.

According to Magu, Bank managers and those who helped perpetrate economic fraud will be brought to book.

Hear him: “There is no sacred cow as far as this fight against corruption is concerned.

“We will go after anybody who has committed an offence. We will collect the money back, so that it will go back to the treasury and be used for the original purposes.

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“I don’t care whether you’re black or white or you come from party A or Party B.

“The moment it can be established that you have stolen from the public treasury, we will go after you.

“Even right here [in EFCC], if we discover that you’re corrupt, we will kick you out. And we are already doing that.

“So we don’t go after innocent people. We are going after the thieves of state resources.”

Reacting to the role of Banks in laundering stolen funds, Magu stated that there is a rise in an illegal form of banking which he described as private banking.

He stated that private banking (whatever that means) has aided politicians to launder large cache of monies.

“We had a discussion with the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and I insisted that this so-called private banking should be stopped. It is illegal. It is wrong.

“We are not only going after the personnel of the banks but also after the banks.

“What happens is that when a staff of the bank is involved in such activities, what the bank does is to take the person out of the system through dismissal.

“But now, we are going to go after the banks and the personnel used to perpetrate the fraud.

“It takes two to tango. In fact, very soon you will see us going after the Managing Directors of the banks.

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“We don’t care what happens because the right thing has to be done. These people have given a lot of room for the money laundering activities to thrive.

“They were used to hide all the stolen money.”

When asked about the Halliburton scandal, Magu stated that “The Halliburton scandal investigation is on.