El Rufai & Buhari plans to islamize Nigeria

El Rufai gives the impression of playing the bad boy for some unseen forces behind a wholesome plan to Islamize Nigeria. In January 2013, the governor tweeted that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene. That tweet was greeted with vitriol leading to a white-washed reply from him.

In his reply, El Rufai stated that: “I must say I am taken aback by the extent of desperate misrepresentation of what was an innocuous attempt to show the godlessness of the Jonathanians to denigrate anyone that dares to ask them to be accountable. To those who were genuinely offended by the retweet, I apologize. I did not mean to offend anyone. Jesus or Isa is a respected prophet of Islam. Every Muslim accepts this in addition to his miraculous virgin birth. It is therefore absurd for any Muslim believer to disrespect Jesus Christ”.

Unfolding events in present day Kaduna State have confirmed that El- Rufai hates Christians! Malam El-Rufai was a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not a Minister of any person or party. Someone must be beating the drum from a hidden position, to which Malam El-Rufai is dancing in the public.

The fears expressed by Christians over El Rufai, APC and Buhari’s leadership persists, in spite of the campaign promises of a changed Buhari. One major fear of many Christians include, that the killings and burning of churches will continue under Buhari, but will be seriously suppressed from the public. A branch of the Living Faith Church, in Giwa LGA, Kaduna state was burnt down on the 30th March, 2015, as elections results were being compiled.

Violence against Christians abound in Kaduna, Kano and other northern States, Last week Sabon Gari market of mostly Christian traders was burnt in Kano, and some social media commentators announced that it was just the beginning of the fight against Christians in the north of Nigeria, meaning more fires will follow, and nothing happened to them.

Fulani Herdsmen have exported their evils down to majorly Christian South. Only last week, over 73 persons from a locality of Enugu State were arrested by the Army and carried away to Abia State where they have been detained, for reacting to damages and destructions by Fulani Herdsmen. Who then, is beating these drums to which the Fulani Herds men are dancing?

The bill, currently before the Kaduna state House of Assembly, titled, ‘A bill for a Law to Substitute the Kaduna State Religious Preaching Law, 1984.’ was first passed into law in 1984 and was then known as the “Kaduna State Regulation of Religious Preaching Edict No.7 of 1984, which was amended in 1987. The law was not enforced and now El-Rufai wants to update and enforce it. Some governors in the Northern region wants to implement the law verbatim too. The most worrying part of this entire debate is that the President is conspicuously quiet. He is quiet on Agatu. He is quiet on Enugu. He is quiet on Fulani herdsmen.

BY Mr  Clement Udegbe.
[email protected]