Embarrassing! UNESCO’s DG ignores Buhari

President Buhari has counseled rich countries and  organizations like UNESCO to save Lake Chad from extinction.

The President said the lake is gradually dying due to climate change.

President Buhari also warned that failure to regenerate the Lake Chad will lead to mass exodus for populations dependent on the lake.

According to Buhari, “Those living in the Lake Chad region have suffered untold hardship.

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“They have suffered displacement because of the violence perpetrated by Boko Haram.

‘‘If there is no farming and fishing, they will dare the desert to migrate.

“Unless developed countries make concerted efforts to complete the feasibility study, mobilize resources and technology to start the water transfer from the Congo Basin, the Lake Chad will dry up.

‘‘The people will go somewhere and they will create problems for those countries,” the President said.

President Buhari applauded UNESCO’s support to Nigeria.

The commendation was particularly on the rehabilitative efforts the body has injected into the North East.

Buhari also applauded the reintegration process of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

He said the pathetic situation of IDPs requires immediate and urgent response from international organizations such as UNSECO.

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He called on the body to help provide infrastructure, health and education for the people in the area.

In response, UNESCO’s Director-General, Mrs. Bokova, said she was in Nigeria to boost some UNESCO’s programs.

She cited such areas as science and technology, gender and youth development, culture, health and environment.

She inadvertently refused to respond to Buhari’s pleas, including saving of Lake Chad and full rehab of IDPs.