Again: Father Mbaka releases prophecy about PMB & GEJ

Head of the adoration ministry and fearless Catholic Priest, Reverend Ejike Mbaka, has once again lent his voice to the political situation of the country.

He declared his prophecies from his Emene parish, Enugu.

According to a statement released by Father Mbaka’s spokesperson, Maximus Ugwuoke, the Reverend stated that “I will tell you something, it is for us humans to judge prophesies.

“I was the only person who said Buhari would win.

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“If it were in the olden days, all those so-called men of God who castigated me would have received the wrath of God immediately.

“All of them should be ashamed of themselves now.

“When these prophesies come, it must not be what people think or want.

“People are entitled to their views; those reactions mean nothing.

“The important thing is that there is nothing I have prophesized which never came to pass.

“The ministry does not care how people feel about my prophesies.

“Some call me a controversial priest.

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“Some call me a fiery priest and all that. They are entitled to their opinion.

“The fact remains that I am a true prophet.

“When you look at that prophesy on Jonathan, it and it came to pass.

“Don’t forget that two months before that prophesy, Jonathan’s wife came to the adoration ground.

“That is to tell you that the prophesy came from God.

“Whether the prophesy is a good one or not, talking about the suffering, it has nothing to do with the prophesy.

“Before Buhari took over, the dollar was rising, there was already problem with our economy.

“They had oil boom but never saved; they just wasted the opportunity.

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“Even the suffering we are talking about was part of my prophesies.

“I recall that on 31st  of January this year, I said clearly that Nigerians should brace up for hard times.

“I said a lot of hardship was under way.

Father Mabak further disclose that he had no communication whatsoever with Buhari before the election.

He also stated that rumors of him owning oil wells was preposterous. He said the present woes of Nigeria is directly traceable to Jonathan’s failures.

He however admonished Nigerians that President Buhari will bring Nigeria out of the woods.