Fayose: Rerun elections proves PDP will oust Buhari

The Governor of Ekiti state, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, announced today that Buhari’s plan to oust will not happen. According to him, the arrests of members of the state legislature and the abysmal performance of INEC, DSS and the Army in the just inconclusive Rivers State Assembly rerun elections were decoys employed by the APC led government and President Buhari to declare state of emergencies in both states.

Fayose disclosed this right after taking part in the economic retreat put together by the National Economic Council held in Aso Villa. The governor said he was aware that Buhari was planning a state of emergency in Rivers State over the bloody election rerun that took place in the state over the weekend. He said he was also aware that the President had the same plan in stock for the people of Ekiti State. However he said if he went ahead with the plan, Buhari would be thought a lesson that power belongs to the people and not their leaders.

He said, “They have been insinuating that (state of emergency) too in Ekiti. We have been waiting for them. Power has gone beyond the leaders; power has gone back to the people. You want to declare state of emergency, declare it and we will tell you that the state of emergency will not work too. This country belongs to all of us.

Reacting on the Rivers State rerun elections, he said “The military has got no business in our election. If you watch the trend, PDP has always won all the elections after the annulment. Which means what happened in Rivers is just a service of ego of some individuals who believe they have Nigeria in their pockets and they can call the President at will to deploy the military.

“It is unfortunate that somebody would allow the military to kill his own people. I strongly condemn the elections in Rivers and charge that we sustain the legacy of transparent elections. For me in Ekiti, we learned from that and we are prepared. We prepare for election every day and we are fully prepared. ‘Come 2019, PDP will return to power.”