Federal Government secretly paying BH members

It seem irrational that all government official are forbidden to say anything about something that everybody know is true.

That former governors of Bornu States (and probably the present one) are Boko Haram (BH) sympathizers is no news.

But turning around and taking care of BH members and their family’s blows all humane logic off the water.

And the most annoying part is the lame excuse given by Born State Governor for his ‘kind’ act.

Let us state this in clear terms: Borno State Government just said she is taking care of BH members’ families.

Not Repentant BH members, but the ones somewhere in Sambisa forest causing havoc to Nigerians.

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Kashim Shettima of Borno State explained the basis for government’s continued care for 566 family members of BH insurgents.

He said the continued care of BH members will break the BH cycle of violence and secure the future of the state.

Listen to Shettima’s logic: “‎An average BH member wishes that a son or daughter inherits his doctrine of violence.

“The goal of BH fathers is that even if they are killed, they want to bequeath to us a future of violence in Borno State.

Our ultimate aim in taking custody of families of insurgents is to cut the cycle of violence so as to secure the future of Borno State.

“The children will not be trained with any element of hate for their parents.

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“They won’t even be told about the ways of their parents so that they don’t grow with deflated self-esteem.

“We will train them to have big dreams and to pursue their dreams of becoming productive citizens,” Shettima said.

Being the chief security officer of Bornu State, Shettima has told Nigerians that BH cannot be destroyed in one generation.

Shettima has also told Nigerians that his government is taking care of BH members and their new born children?

How did the BH members impregnate their wives? Did the women visit their husbands in the forest?

Aside from this, the Federal Government has selected 10 communities from Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states for the BH de-radicalization program.

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Residents of Maiduguri and IDPs have raised alarms over plans by the federal government to grant amnesty to repentant BH insurgents.

According to residents, “It might take us 40 years before we can forgive and forget the insurgents.

“If the Federal Government grant them amnesty, it could be dangerous for those of us willing to go back to our communities,” one resident said.

Shettima’s lies are old and tired. That the Federal Government is complicit in this tall tale is no longer hidden.

Name one commitment he Shettima and the FG has reneged on. They should not play games with our children’s future.