I feed my children even though I live in Aso Villa – Aisha

Aisha Buhari has said she provides the food her children eats, describing it as her personal responsibility.

This irrespective of the multiplied millions that is budgeted for the daily provision of the first family.

Aisha made the statement in her defense against a report by Sahara Reporters.

The report hand linked her to financial racketeering with the Nigerian Embassy in London.

She said that the State House, Abuja caters for her welfare only when it is necessary.

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Aisha Buhari also said she has not been accorded the official privileges given to her predecessors.

She said the scenario followed the principles spelt out and practiced by her husband.

She said the President believes that public office must be separated from the private lives of the occupants.

She added that she was never offered money by the embassy and couldn’t have asked for such.

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“Aisha Buhari has never traveled to London with a large entourage as was carried in the report.

“The highest number of people on a trip involves her three kids, ADC, and her personal physician.

“The state house in Abuja caters for her meal when necessary.

“Other healthy food or variety needed by her children are her personal responsibility.

“It is on record that the Nigerian Commission in London does not receive Aisha Buhari at the airport.

“Her drivers are privately arranged without any recourse to the embassy for staff.

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“She has never complained or raised dust about any of these acts by the High Commission.

“This is because her husband believes that public office must be separated from the private lives of the occupants.

“She has always been an advocate of good governance where officials of government are responsive.

“Consequently, the embassy staff in London is challenged to provide any concrete evidence of her role in the accusations,” the statement read.