Femi Falana & Afenifere are BH terrorists — General Burutai

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen. Tukur Buratai, has described those calling for the probe of his mansions in Dubai as defeated Boko Haram Terrorists.

The list of those calling for his probe includes Femi Falana, Afenifere, Sahara Reporters and many other well-meaning Nigerians.

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According to Buratai “I am not supposed to be commenting again on this issue because both the Federal Government and the Army have addressed it.

“However, what I can say is that we have defeated the terrorists on the land and they have now migrated to the cyberspace.

“But I want to assure that we will follow these Boko Haram that migrated to the cyberspace to wherever they are. We will follow them and clear their doubts.

“Let’s be clear about this: no place or territory is being held by these terrorists.

“And of course you know that if terrorists are dislodged from one place they move to another even across countries.

“Right now we have received reports of these terrorists moving to other areas; including the internet.

“And when we say that the terrorists have been defeated and not holding any territory, have they come out to debunk it.

“No. No one has come to tell you that they are holding territory,” Burutai stated.

Sahara Reporters broke the news of General Burutais purchase of porche homes in Dubai. The report has that Burutai paid for two properties within days of his appointment as the chief of Army Staff.

Burutai accepted the allegation, but stressed that he paid for the houses with his personal savings.

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Nigerians in the know has accused Burutai of being economical with the truth in the sense that all his savings could not add up $1.5 million he used to purchase both houses.

President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to make any official statement regarding the allegations leveled against his chief of Army Staff.