Former christian and Popular Nollywood actress embraces Islam

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Lola Alao is not new to controversy. Recently, she has been accused of supplying the National Assembly with Ladies for hangouts.

A report which Lola has serially denied.

Well, this afternoon, a facebook account belonging to one Adepoju Yusuf, stated Lola is her convert and he is her teacher.

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According to Adepoju, “Glory be to Allah. Join me in congratulating Lola Alao (a popular Nollywood actress).

“She just took the Kalimatu Shaa’dah from me, and chose the name Rhodiat.

“May Allah give her proper understanding of Islam, and make her, well grounded in her new faith, Al-Islam. Aamiyn”, Yusuf wrote.

Lola is yet to make any official statement to her new found faith.

However, her latest post on her official Instagram account was signed off with an Islamic greeting.

“To all my family, friends and fans that supported me during my father’s burial, I say a very big thank u to you all.

“May Allah continue to bless you and grant you all your heart desires Insha allah. One love.”

Lola appeared on social media donned on Hijab.

In 2013, Alao got married to Wale Ajibola, her second husband, in the United States after her marriage to Dare Ogunlana hit the rocks in 2008.

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Alao’s first marriage crashed after accusations of infidelity and fetish acts surfaced.

Lola’s ‘Teacher’, Adepoju Yusuf, runs the Academy of Islamic Propagation in Nigeria, ACADIP.

He uses the platform to propagate Islam and engage people of other faith in open debates.

See pictures of her before and after her conversion below. Use arrows to view.


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