FULL LIST: More than 145 undergraduate programs unaccredited

More than 145 undergraduate university degree programs are unaccredited.

The unaccredited degree programs span Federal, State, and Private universities.

The statistics was captured in National Universities Commission (NUC) accreditation report for 2016.

Nigeria runs a total of 137 universities. Of these, 37 universities run unaccredited degree programs.

The Ministry of Education has done nothing to correct this.

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Students and families gain admissions into these programs and waste resources – both time and money.

According to NUC, courses are accredited based on a set Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS).

The standards drawn up and updated by NUC when necessary.

Some accreditation criteria includes qualified faculty members, good learning environment and adequate teaching materials.

According to NUC, accreditation is important since so as to ensure that “Graduates of all academic programs have attained an acceptable level of competency in their areas of specialization.”

Accreditation also assure “The international community that the programs offered in Nigerian Universities are of high standards and that graduates of the institutions are adequate for employment and further studies.”

The Goals of the National Universities Commission are:

  • Attainment of stable and crisis-free University System.
  • To work with Nigerian Universities to achieve full accreditation status for at least 80% of the academic programmes. To initiate and promote proficiency in the use of ICT for service delivery within the Commission and the Nigerian University System.
  • Upgrade and maintain physical facilities in the Nigerian University System for delivery of quality university education. To match university graduate output with national manpower needs.
  • To foster partnership between the Nigerian University System and the private sector.

Analysis of the list shows that 150 courses are currently unaccredited in 13 federal universities.

Also, 16 state universities and eight private universities run unaccredited programs.

Some affected universities includes University of Nigeria; University of Benin; University of Jos; University of Calabar and University of Abuja.

University of Abuja seem to be the worst of them all with 15 of unaccredited courses — including their Law program!

Download full list of accredited and unaccredited undergraduate programs UNDERGRADUATE-ACCREDITATION-RESULTS-1990-MARCH-2016