Goodnews! Buhari to inject $1.5 million into primary healthcare

Nigeria’s National Health Act (NHAct), enacted in late 2014, officially recognizes Nigerians’ right to health.

Through the NHAct, the Basic Health Care Provision Fund provides financial resources to improve primary health care.

The NHAct has the potential to fuel dramatic public health improvements and rapid progress towards the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

These two developments provide a critical policy base for primary health care system improvement efforts.

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It is for this reason that the Buhari administration is set to revamp primary health care across the country.

That plan includes training of staff, monitoring health outcomes and engaging stakeholders for critical coloborations.

Hence, President Muhammadu Buhari has concluded plans to dole out $1.5 million dollars to each 36 States of the Federation (including FCT) for financing of primary healthcare system.

The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, made the declaration on Monday at the presentation of the National Healthcare Plan to officials of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Abuja.

The Nigerian health care in general is abysmally poorly funded.

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The challenges are humongous too. Poorly trained personnel, poor equipment, incessant industrial actions, are some of the many challenges facing the healthcare system.

People turn to the primary health care system in their communities both to stay healthy and to get care when they fall sick.

Nigeria increased its total health expenditure per capita by 103% over 13 years, from $102 in 2000 to $207 in 2013.

Yet the country continues to perform relatively poorly on indicators measuring the sufficiency of health system inputs, the accessibility and quality of service delivery, and equity and health outcomes.

This suggests that there may be poorly understood gaps or challenges with the primary health care system across the country.

We do hope the funds set aside by the Buhari Administration will be used for its intended purposes.