Goodnews! See what Buhari has begun in Aba

Following the recent economic nosedive of the economy, president Buhari says he is in a hurry to revamp the economy. He has turned to Aba.

Buhari had stated that “We will no longer allow our markets to be flooded with things we can produce ourselves.

“We must believe in our system.”

Speaking to local entrepreneurs, Buhari stated that “Whenever you need my intervention at any time, please come to me.

“So, we will shun all anti-development policies, and make the climate more suitable for entrepreneurs.

“We will create the environment for them to thrive,” Buhari added.

In line with this, several business experts will on Wednesday converge in Aba, Abia State.

Their focus is to discourse the difficulties local manufacturers, producers and traders in Aba encounter.

The conference is being organized by a consortium of technical partners with relevant skills in the development, establishment and management of Small and Medium Enterprises.

A similar conference will be held in the remaining five geopolitical zones of the country, but Aba is the primary focus.

A statement issued by one of the organizers of the program, CEO of EfficientLinks Ltd, Lawrence Ehilegbu, prominent participants in the conference are the Abia State Government, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Nigeria Export Promotion Council and Gionee Telecommunication.

The conference aims “To close the knowledge gap between production and market launch.

It will also create “Routes to global markets.”

At the end of the conference, participants are expected to “go beyond their limits” as they will be able to “develop a functional platforms that increases international buyers’ confidence while doing business with local SMEs.”

MINEC supports entrepreneurial development, capacity and skill building and opens windows that showcase made-in-Nigeria goods and services to the international markets for wide acceptance and patronage, the statement said.

Recall that the South East has seen a resurgence of locally made products.

Prominent among these is Innoson Motors.