Biafra, Economy: Gowon warns Buhari

Former head of State, retired General Gowon, has asked Nigerians to be patient with Buhari.

Gowon said he believes the Buhari led government is serious about resolving the issues facing Nigeria.

Fielding questions on the state of the economy, Gowon admonished President Buhari to “Find a way out of the current economic crisis.

“The Minister of Finance, has been telling us what they have been doing to get the economy strong again.

“She said all will be well by September.

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“Let’s wait till then.

“I have left government for a long time, so I may not really know what the problem is.

“The current administration should do whatever they can to solve to economic challenges.

“They should find a way to restore confidence in the citizens and the nation at large by fixing the economy.”

Reacting to the budget padding currently rocking the National Assembly, Gowon stated that “If anybody is doing that, the person should be checked.

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“We must do this so as to ensure that such does not occur in the future.

“We didn’t do it during my time.

“We had Chief Obafemi Awolowo in-charge of our finance and he taught us to survive without borrowing.

“Such (budget padding) should stop, there is no point doing that”, he added.

Gowon had also warned on the Biafran agitation. According to Gowon,

“Unfortunately, it seems as if we Nigerians never learned from history.

“How many children suffer today throughout the country?

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“Honestly, something has to be done by the Nigerian Government.

“I think that is one of the reasons this call by these young people trying to say they want to fight again should be discouraged.

“Do they realize what it takes?

“If I have anything to do with Nigeria, as I have said, I will implore all of you to really bring peace to bear by correcting the young people if they are going astray.