Grammatical errors: Like Patience Jonathan like Aisha Buhari

We know this article will may attract the fury of Buhari cum APC jingoists.

We are however unfazed as we had in the past and in other for a lampooned wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

We will go straight to our point.

Aisha Buhari is currently in USA on a private visit.

Aisha had reacted to insinuations that her trip was sponsored by public funds; a claim she roundly denied.

Aside from her visit to ZUMUNTA NGO in United States, Aisha Buhari was billed to speak at United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

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Her speech at USIP is the crux of this column.

First off, official speeches are supposed to be the product of preparation and forethought.

Again, the errors are much but we reproduce a snapshot of some errors here.

Aisha said: “I want to…thank the international community for giving us a solutions…”

Aisha said: “As you are all aware, Boko Haram issue, it is a global issue attached to terrorism, which need [sic] to be addressed globally.”

Aisha said: “The University really done us proud.” She should have said: “The university really did us proud.”

Aisha said: “In which the recent regime has done so far considering what we inherited—the level of insecurity in the country—we can now say that we successfully fought the Boko Haram insurgency.”

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Apart from the weak, messy transition, the bigger issue is that she called the current administration “a recent regime.”

There are two problems with that.

First, the word “recent,” especially when it is applied to administrations, implies an immediate past, that is, that which precedes the present.

It is both ungrammatical and illogical to speak of an incumbent administration as “recent.”

Secondly, the word “regime” is used to describe tyrannical governments, particularly Military and dictatorial governments.

For example, Saddam Hussein’s regime, the Nazi regime.”

During her speech, Aisha Buhari serially called university lecturers “academicians.”

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Educated native English speakers call university teachers “academics,” not “academicians.”

Whoever writes Aisha Buhari’s speeches is doing her and the nation a disservice.

Recall that her Facebook fans called out Aisha’s grammatical slipups after which they were quickly cleaned up.

Aisha Buhari is currently asserting herself by the day.

She’s beginning to appear in many functions as a “First Lady.”

Since we cannot bear another Patience Jonathan’s grammatical gaffes, we advise the following:

She should retreat to her quiet, modest self; or relearn the basic rudiments of grammatical constructs; or hire a proper speech writer or speak in Fulfulde and get an English translator.

Watch her speech here.