Have we lost an opportunity with Niger delta militants?

Someone had said APC as a whole should be put on trial for instigating hatred and class warfare!

We don’t know about that. But one thing we are sure of is that we have noticed a barrage of policy flip flops in the last 6 months.

From negotiating with Niger Delta militants to outright warfare and then back again.

We are tired of these! The Niger Delta issue should be resolved once and for all.

It should be resolved by whatever means. Whether by carrot, carrot and stick or anything in-between.

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The latest flip-flop from the presidency is embarrassingly disturbing to say the least.

MEND, who appeared to be negotiating with the government, has threatened to pull out of negotiations.

Avengers have bowed to pressure and are willing to negotiate and end the attacks on oil installation.

We had expected the Government to latch onto these positive stance and settle the crisis once and for all.

The President’s latest statement will definitely flare up hostilities in the region and truncate whatever peace moves he had achieved.

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The result? Back to square one and another round of hostilities. Then the economy will sink and the leadership will trade blames.

The flip-flops will then be recycled and we will continue in circles till 2019!

This is sad! This is bad!!

Hear the President: “Militancy in the Niger Delta has impacted negatively on the economy.

“It has affected the positive intentions of international and local investors.

“Government was showing restraint not to use real force. We will not do so except when constrained to do so.

“We will insist on the standards we’re establishing.

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“We are laying down administrative and financial instructions in the public service that must be obeyed.

“Any breach will no longer be acceptable.

“We will retrain our staff, so that they understand the new orientation.

“And those who run afoul of these rules will be prosecuted no matter who is involved.”

You have it right there. A peace chance blown off the water.

We bet this latest comment will have a response from Niger Delta Militants.

Thanks to policy flip-flops.